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Course Description:

Students will engage in a variety of activities prompting effective written and oral communication skills. Emphasis will focus on literary genres, writing, speaking, and listening.

Late Policy:


Exceptions to late policy:  Journals, research paper, and any other exemption a separate policy is given for.    


Homework must be turned in the class period it is due.  If you are absent the day it is due, you should turn it in the next day you return to school.  If you do not turn your homework in on time, your homework will only be accepted ONE DAY late.  If you turn your homework in ONE DAY late, you will automatically be deducted 50% from your grade on that assignment.  Homework will not be accepted any later than ONE DAY after the due date!

Example (if not absent):

Monday: Due Date - turn in today for full credit.

Tuesday: One Day Late - turn in today with a 50% penalty for being late.

Wednesday: No longer accepted - will receive a grade of zero.

*** If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get work you may have missed. ***

Grading Scale:

A – 93% - 100%

B – 85% - 92%

C – 77% - 84%

D – 68% - 76%

E – 67% and below

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